Meet the Pack!



I’ve always felt a special connection to animals. Being around them and caring for them brings me true joy.

I have been pet sitting for friends and family since I was 13. After working traditional 9-to-5 corporate jobs for most of my career, I decided to follow my passion and launch my own pet-care business: Big City Happy Paws.

As a life-long pet lover, I can relate to the challenges that come with working and traveling when you have pets at home. In a perfect world, our pets would just accompany us everywhere. Wouldn’t that be amazing? In the real world, sometimes our pets have to stay behind. That’s where I come in! I help you balance your hectic schedule with trustworthy, reliable, affordable services so your precious pets get the care they need whether you are at work, play or on vacation. In-home pet care enhances your pet’s day and gives you peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

I take safety very seriously. I am insured and bonded, certified in pet first aid and CPR, and a member of Pet Sitters International.  In addition to spending time with my own dogs Oliver and Charlie, I volunteer with the Houston SPCA and Friends for Life Animal Shelter, helping deserving pets find their forever homes.

I look forward to meeting your fur babies. I know how important they are to you because I feel the same way about mine. Thanks for stopping by!



English Cocker Spaniel

Oliver is a sweetheart.  He is a “mamma’s boy” and follows me everywhere I go (dogs really know how to make you feel loved, don’t they?).   He loves being the center of attention and often tries to steal it away from his brother, Charlie.  He loves to interact with friends, family and anyone he meets.  He is full of energy, very playful and the best running buddy anyone could have.  Oliver’s loving and cheerful spirit fills my life with joy.



American Cocker Spaniel

Charlie is so much fun. He’s just crazy about toys! Every time someone comes to visit he has to find the closest toy and bring it over to them. He thinks fetching should be an Olympic-level sport (he would take the gold for sure!). He’s blind in one eye, but you would never know because it doesn’t slow him down one bit. When Charlie wants food he kicks his bowls around until I hear him. He sometimes even wakes me up at 3AM doing this. He’s a quirky dog, for sure, but I love him to pieces!