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What are the benefits of in-home pet sitting?
There’s no place like home! Just like us, pets enjoy being in the comfort of their own house. In-home pet sitting allows your pet(s) to stay in their familiar, secure environment, preventing any stress that might be caused by having to travel to and stay in an unfamiliar place. At home, a pet’s routine stays the same, ensuring consistent sleep and meals. You won’t worry about your pet being exposed to common illnesses that can be passed from other animals, such as kennel cough or fleas. Most of all, your pet will receive loving, personalized care from a companion they will soon call their friend.

What kinds of pets do you care for?
We care for most house pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish and small critters like hamsters, and gerbils.

Do you come to my house or do I bring my pets to you?
We come to you!

How many times per day will you visit my pet?
We will visit as many times as you wish. In general, we suggest 2-3 visits per day for dogs and 1-2 visits per day for cats. We can also stay overnight with your pet if you desire.

My pet needs medication. Will you administer it?
Yes we can, as long as your pet reasonably cooperates. Certain medications may incur an additional fee. 

What happens if my pet gets sick or hurt while I’m gone?
We will assess your pet’s condition and if we think your pet needs veterinary care, we will contact you immediately to discuss transporting your pet to your veterinarian or an emergency pet clinic/hospital. If we are unable to reach you, we will contact your emergency contact (on file).  If necessary, they will be the responsible party in place of the pet owner for making health related decisions. 

Will my pet have the same pet sitter each time?
Yes! This is one of the many benefits of using a boutique pet-care service.

How do I schedule my first service?
It’s easy to get started! Simply call 832-930-PETS (7387) or send an email to Nicky@BigCityHappyPaws.com. When inquiring online or via email, please provide the following: your name, phone number, location of residence, number and type of pets, type of service (dog walking, pet sitting, etc.) and dates of service. We will call you within 24 hours to schedule a FREE meet and greet session.

What happens during the meet and greet session?
During our meet and greet session, we get to know your pet and familiarize ourselves with your home. Together, we will note detailed instructions on your pet’s care, feeding, exercise and any medications. We will also ask about your pet’s personality, habits, favorite activities, likes and dislikes so we can customize a care plan unique to your individual pet. Our goal is to replicate your pet’s daily routine as much as we can during each visit.

How does the pet sitter get access to my home?
During the meet and greet session, we will agree on a means of entry. Some clients prefer that we keep a copy of their house key on file, others like to place a key inside a lockbox outside their home (they just provide us with the code).

Are my house keys safe?
All keys on file and lockbox codes are kept in a secure location. If you use a lockbox, you may wish to change the code periodically; just let us know the new code when you schedule your next service.

Why do I have to sign a contract?
For everyone’s protection and safety, we require a signed contract that states that you are aware of and agree to our policies, and that we are allowed access to your home to care for your pet(s).

How do I pay for pet care services?
Our preferred method of payment is Zelle, Venmo, Cash or Check.  Payment is due in full prior to or at the time of the first visit. 

Do you provide services on holidays?
Yes!  We are available weekdays, weekends & holidays.  Additional fee applies for certain holidays.

Do we need to meet in person each time I schedule a service?
No. Once we have your signed contract on file and a house key or lockbox code, you’re all set!  Just give us a quick call or send an email to book any future service.

Can you provide references?
Absolutely! Just ask.

What is your referral program?
At Big City Happy Paws, we know referrals from happy clients are the best way to grow. Every time you refer us to a co-worker, neighbor, friend or family member, we give you a free dog walk or pet-sitting visit (upon completion of their first service). The program is unlimited—refer as many people as you want and we’ll reward you every time!

Are you bonded and insured?
We certainly are! Big City Happy Paws is covered by a commercial bonding and liability insurance policy through Pet Sitters International.

What if I don’t live in one of the areas listed on your website?
If you live outside our service area, please call to ask if we can provide service in your area.  Services that require travel outside our service area will be charged a travel fee.

How do you handle aggressive pet(s)?
You must be 100% certain that your pet will allow us into your home while you are not present or we cannot provide pet-sitting services. If we begin an assignment and experience any aggression from your pet, we will do our best to finish the assignment. However, our pet sitter’s safety always comes first. If we cannot continue pet-sitting duties due to your pet’s aggressiveness, we will contact you to make new arrangements. Regular fees and/or additional fees will apply for the duration of the pet-sitting services, even if a pet’s aggressiveness prevents us from performing our typical duties.

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